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Connection of Friendship with Spirituality and other relationships

By Shweta Pathak

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Friendship has always been the central relationship of my life. We cannot choose our parents, family, or even spouse. Even though choosing the spouse is a matter of choice, to a certain extent, is driven by societal practices of caste, status, age, etc. however friendship is chosen based on solely whom we want to be with, away from the practicalities.

Therefore, the best way to manage any relationship in life is to inculcate friendship; marriage being the most crucial from this aspect. It is the observation of many of us that couples that are more friends with each other have a stronger and deeper bond. So as the parent-child relationship.

The times we are living in have enforced the importance of Spirituality like never. Everyone is turning towards Paramatma (Supreme Soul or the Divine Consciousness) as we realize that neither wealth nor intellect is able to get answers to everything.

Everyone has their own path and pace in the journey of Spirituality. In my personal experience, one of the most effective ways is Bhakti (devotion). One of the forms of Bhakti is Sakhya Bhakti (loosely translated as Friendly Devotion), it is the connection with Paramatma (Supreme Soul or Divine Consciousness) as a friend.

For me, that Divine Consciousness in the form of a friend is RadhaKrshn

Krshn or Govind as his friends would fondly call Him is known for His friendship. We’ve all heard of the famous friendship of Krshn-Sudama. He established the fact of Boy-girl friendship through His friendship with Gop and Gopis alike and the most famous one with Draupadi.

If this appeals to any of you, this Friendships day chooses a friend or finds a friend in any relationship of your life; whom you can talk to, can share everything, who is always there for you and full of fun at the same time. A true friend who gives meaning to your life.

Happy Friendships Day to all of you! God bless


(Featured Image by Nikhil Mishra from Pixabay)

About the Author

Ms. Shweta Pathak

Shweta is an L&D OD professional holding a decade long experience. She is a Nature lover and likes reading fictional as well as real stories and Vedic Scriptures.

She has recently started a journey to explore Spirituality through the path of Vedant Philosophy.

She is keen to participate in the causes of environmental conservation and animal care.

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