#Covid...# The Sojourn...!

By Nitusmita Saikia

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Parasite... I am..?


A deadly virus,

Causing epidemic,


Not less than a curse..!

Ostensibly I take the fame.

And many more in my name,

Say, Corona or Covid,

Yet unknown to the origin,

What's there to say,

Virus has no shame!

Being freed of your mind,

Got trapped in,

The dirty game of human race,

Roam around the world,

Body to body; man to man,

I don't see your black or white face!

Learn something I call equality,

Irrespective of cast and creed,

Spelt curse upon your existence!

O' Human now suffer from forceful social distance,

After all

The world is the hub of your discriminatory taboos,

Big and small; rich and poor,

your so called socialistic pretence!

Let's talk about your thoughts...

Very nasty and old,

Decayed walls of your mind,

Can cook only filthy things,

Why not then a game in my ring,

My infection and your immune...?

Wash hands and eat properly,

Will you be able to live scientifically?

Mask your mouth,

Try to be at a distance without being unfriendly!

What is the use of such nice talks,

When you can play hypocrisy,

with innocent lives like shares and stock

Money, money and money,

Power, power and more power honey,

Let me shake you now a bit out of the box!