By Sahana Sundar

Founder - Spark Igniting Minds

It is long since they have seen a cloud burst,

No clue when it continually poured,

Half dehydrated bodies line up with vessels,

Is there an end to unpredictable hassles?

The famished stomachs hope for some crumb,

The drought has made their life dumb!

Soil dares to say its deeper thirst,

Creeks, crevices and the earth burst,

Fluids vanish, earth gapes at the sky,

Summer has elapsed still we are dry,

Engines rotate to bore deeper and deeper,

And fails in finding a drop of water!

(Featured Image by Gordon Johnson from Pixabay)

Tree Leafless Barren - Free vector graphic on Pixabay

About the Author

Captain Sahana is the founder of Spark Publication and Spark Igniting Minds.

Her remarkable literary skills combined with an illumined vision has made Spark the most cherished and charismatic community among the authors of various genres.

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