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God sent

By Caroline Allwyn Fernandes

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Contribution today dedicated to my Godparents.

In this wide world when there was none,

You and Godma were the one.

You said Yes to hold the candle of baptism light,

Giving my life Christian sight.

You worked tirelessly without complain,

A helping hand you always gave forgetting your pain.

Physical pain over the years You bore with a smile.

You and Godma reflect boundless love for each other all Life.

God too needs good company I say.

You must have taught all the cheerful way!

(Featured Image by Layers from Pixabay)

About the Author

Ms. Caroline Allwyn Fernandes

Caroline writes under the name of CaAFe (not coffee, but KAFI which means enough).

She has always been passionate about narrating stories and sharing her experiences via writing.

Her writing journey began during her college days, when she not only contributed towards the Parish bulletin, but also penned her own speeches for debates and elocution competitions.

The passion to write enhanced at work as she wrote for internal magazines. She now writes to share her thoughts and ideas with the world.

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