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Is the Year-2020 made you future-ready?

By Sparkian Meenakshi Raina

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Though each one of us has successfully stepped into the new year i.e., Year-2021 after having combatted umpteen battles in '2020'. The pandemic that erupted in the year gone by, undoubtedly, taught us many significant lessons but did it make you future ready or has graved your thought process with its excruciating experiences and painful memories and made you sombre?

The optimistic people focus on opportunities and possibilities whereas many others foresee only limitations and troubles. Though the situations might be somewhat similar for each and every one of us, it is one's perceptions and thought process that makes a difference. One can either emerge as a warrior or dwell as a victim out of it. One can sit and keep on complaining and blaming people or situations, attracting melancholy or one can pause, introspect, get up, dust-off, take the charge, kick-starting a new life, no matter what!

If I look back at Year-2020, I see the essence of humanity, sustainable survival, spiritual awareness, the vitality of natural resources, to name a few, unfolding amidst the chaos of Covid-19. Undoubtedly, this pandemic slowed down the stride of our life but awakened the consciousness of countless people to introspect and prioritise their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Though we adhere to norms of social distancing and other government regulations while combating our individual battles, yet these adversities transpired into blessings as they bonded us emotionally with one another, rejuvenating and rebuilding the lost thread of trust and affinity in many precious relationships.

Technology indeed is a boon to humanity, however, during the trying times of Covid-19, it became immensely instrumental in virtually connecting people from across the globe, creating and expanding the horizon of personal, academic, vocational, and other vital possibilities. Necessity is the mother of invention and this pandemic has helped infinite people in getting incorporated to new ways of survival, acclimatizing with the advanced learning system, ministering with latest technologies in diverse skills and occupations, making them self-reliant and well equipped with ongoing inventions.

Behind every calamity lies an opportunity and the same applies to the crisis of Covid-19. If we reflect upon its initial phase, it indeed brought so much chaos into our lives that many of us became the victim of depression by losing the precious lives of loved ones and means of livelihood. Because of the unexpected and abrupt outbreak of this deadly virus, for which none of us was mentally prepared, many of us maintained the cool and survived as warriors. Being a warrior doesn't always mean getting some gallantry awards, recognitions, testimonies or any such accolades or achievements, sometimes, it just means to maintain one's psychological balance amidst extreme mental and emotional turmoil, to invigorate one's physical well-being, to rebuild one's lost confidence, to transform and evolve one's consciousness, to harmonize entangled relationships, to survive with a limited budget, to reach out to destitute souls for their help, to inspire and encourage others, to explore one's existence and develop self-love, fostering unconditional love for others. Some acts of valour may remain invisible or unheard, but their vision has the power to enlighten, empower, encourage, inspire, and influence others’ lives.

Though many of us have earned immense honour for dedicated contributions during this pandemic but do not feel disheartened if you were emphasizing on building your own self, overcoming your fears and anxieties, developing rapport in your unhealthy relationships, fighting and conquering your inhibitions and limitations, supporting and celebrating others success, silently serving destitute souls and so on. As each one of us was combatting this deadly virus, Corona and hence, each one of us is its warriors. However, the biggest hero is the one who has attained success in becoming his / her best version, making themselves future-ready. As a matter of fact, situations and people around us will never happen the way we want them to be but it is we who should be able to sustain and withstand what comes our way.

Gurudev Sri Sri Ravi Shankar Ji says, "A strong mind can carry a weak body but a weak mind cannot carry even a strong body", therefore, we need to prepare our mind in such a way that come what may, we remain calm and composed, maintaining our inner-beauty and resilience. Though it may seem impossible for many of us, let me tell you out of my personal experience that diving deep into spirituality makes impossible possible. One needs to invest one's time devoutly and dedicatedly in evolving one's mind to a higher plane so that one can become the master of one's mind and remain unshakeable to external stimulus.

History is full of such profound examples that those who had worked religiously on their evolutionary process, were successful in creating miracles not only in their individual lives but in others lives also. Swami Vivekananda, Gautama Buddha, Paramhansa Yogananda are some of the legendary saints and holy men who became instrumental in the enlightenment and empowerment of the whole society at large. They not only worked on themselves but created evolutionary paths for others also to follow their exemplary lives.

Each year, on the eve of the new year, we see social media flooded with candid messages but until and unless one takes the charge of one's individual life, such messages would be a mere formality with no major impact. Manifesting these messages into realities needs an individual decision which of course, is a choice with every human being. It requires immense efforts, will-power, and time to materialise one's metamorphism and those who make it happen becomes future-ready for combatting any battle with great acumen and courage. So, I leave this question to you; Are you future-ready?

Before I conclude this write up, I would like you to feel blessed and grateful to the omnipotent Almighty for blessing us with the wisdom and patience that each one of us showed in dealing with manifold known and unknown battles so far, judiciously, and tenaciously. Believe that an unfathomable force was walking with each one of us, keeping us and our loved ones safe, healthy, and protected in this Universe, when many other succumbed to death. Therefore, keep your faith in His divinity, believe in your pure intentions, work righteously and dedicatedly, and see His grace-bestowing on you effortlessly and miraculously.

Thank you and God bless!

Featured Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

About Meenakshi Raina

Ms. Meenakshi Raina

Meenakshi is a Financial and Administrative Professional, Passionate Writer, Blogger, Co-Author, Reviewer, and Spiritual Practitioner.

She writes on the different genre to bring a change in society.

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