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Is this call reaching you?

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

By Manish Aggarwal

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

...nature has given us an opportunity to check with our purpose & goals; people are still occupied in changing styles...

...instead of understanding our relations with other humans and nature; we observe people are occupied in changing techniques and using technology...

...this is a time to reflect on our oneness and we are still working on differentiators...

...this is the time to count for blessings; few are still accompanied by problems...

...there is no race outside, if any, then winners will be those who able to raise their bars and build the resilience...

...we are able to see abundance in nature outside; able to see the humane face of human today; understand and value the blessings...stand equal; equal beyond every boundary and limit...

Though there is suffering all over today but kindness, humility, Contribution, and sharing are much higher than suffering.

People are working and facing things beyond any written conclusions of historical research on human potential; ignoring few exceptions, we are able to see a beautiful humane side and potential today.

We are fortunate for being evidence of this changing era, the era in human evolution. After this phase of evolution, the expansion for being responsible or the speed to perish will be higher than ever before.

This call is for intending a beautiful future and crossing the bridge to reach is global and universal.

Is this call reaching you?

About the Author

Manish Kumar Aggarwal, The Mindfood Chef, is a life coach and an author, He encourages and guides people towards realizing awareness via inner communication. He spreads the message of feeling gratitude, joy, and abundance.

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