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Kashmir Memoirs

By Dr. Vipul Kubavat

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Rushing down the memory lane,

Traverse by rail, road & airplane,

Visuals that unforgettable,

Pulling over my vagal,

Valleys flaunt green meadow,

Mount peaks proclaim overshadow,

Snowcapped pinnacles surround,

Cheering glorious beauty astound,

Mist pervades romance in hearts,

Compelling cuddle of sweethearts,

Chills make teeth & bone tremble,

Reaching woolen marts in scramble,

Pixes clicked in colorful native drapes,

With mystic beauty & emotions in tape,

Houseboats offering cozy luxury stay,

Ride freezing lakes with shikara sway,

Dancing & roaring aqua flow,

Amniotic splash of pregnant Sierra show,

Gusty serpentine riverine routes,

Guarding tough men in military boots,

Crown jewel of my motherland,

Travesty, she has no Switzerland!

(Featured Image by sandip patel from Pixabay)

About the Author

Dr. Vipul Kubavat

Dr. Vipul is a Public Health Expert by profession.

He developed flair for writing due to exposure to medical education and then compelling scrupulous documentation in Public Health assignments.

Inspired by a zest of a friend into the world of literature, he loves to inscribe momentary rush of feelings...

Just trying, being human!

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