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Land of Sun and Sea

By Sahana Sundar

Founder - Spark Igniting Minds

Standing out in the tourist land where Portuguese once colonized,

From the loving cascades of the bougainvillea the pink flowers bloomed,

The sun kissed beaches of the shining sand punctuated the land,

The surfing boats gushed into the water when the parasails fluttered in the cyanic sky,

The long stretched coasts where music tranced Benny and Denny,

Busy shops filled with tourist buying cashew and fenny,

While people ferried to and fro to the garden of spices,

The huge churches filled the shadow and windy places,

Come and see the land of casinos and cruises, the land of sun and seas!

Featured Image by enriquelopezgarre from Pixabay

About the Author

Captain Sahana is the founder of Spark Publication and Spark Igniting Minds.

Her remarkable literary skills combined with an illumined vision has made Spark the most cherished and charismatic community among the authors of various genres.

Publishing a book with spark will turn your goals into the vision and your zeal into a mission.

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