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My India

By Shweta Pathak

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Patriotism is a feeling that I’ve inherited from my mother, inherited because she never sat and ordered me to be patriotic like ‘I have to be’.

The topic of conversation that happens in family makes a huge impact on the thought process and choices of children. There was always a constant interest in what’s happening with our Nation, how Hind ki senayein (exact words used by my mother) is sacrificing their lives for protection of Maa Bharti.

Due to this I have developed such strong emotion for my Nation that I feel the happiness for any National (not only cricket) success and cries when any solider is hurt. I feel pained when people dies in the terrorist attacked even if I have no personal connection with them. I never gave importance to what state or caste I belong to or what language I speak because I grew up looking myself as an Indian.

So is that the only reason I feel connected to my Nation?

Not really, when I compare Bharat with other countries, I see that we have glories sung of the courage and valour of our kings/queens like Maharana Pratap Singh, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Rani Lakshmibai etc. On the other hand, we have 3rd largest army in the world, capable of fighting any war. Still, there was not even one incident in the 2000 year old history of Bharat (actually 5000 years old) attacking any other country, we never took even an inch of someone’s else land. This is the epitome of compassion and stands as the biggest example of being a peace-loving Nation. Compassion when comes from power and competence is the true compassion, any weak can’t say that he/she is kind and loves peace.

All that we need in today’s society - spirituality, compassion, social service are imbibed in the daily routine of authentic Indian traditions. From Indian festivals to Indian dresses, ornaments to cuisines (from all parts of India) carries huge life lessons in themselves. So much to proud of!!! Isn’t it?

However that’s not the only India, we have corruption, poor economic condition, women atrocities etc etc, the list of problems are endless. So what is the root cause? India was one of the strongest economies in the world history of 2000 years ago ( then what happened in last 250-300 years ago? The answer is the Invasion from Mughals and British which changed the India and made it what it is today.

It’s time for us, the common man, who is the biggest power in democracy, to take charge of our Nation; participate in Nation building. How?

First things first - to get united, India is the most diverse country in the world, this diversity is gifted to us by Divinity itself to add beauty to our lives and not competing which one’s culture is the best. Let’s embrace the diversity and stay united.

Secondly, take part in National matters, voice out our opinion and not leaving Nation to political leaders and Police personnels; they’re just handful of people as compared to the huge common public. We all have seen the power of social media, let’s use it positively.

Thirdly, embrace culture of other Nation but take pride in ours, try to know it through authentic sources, it’s high time that we consider secondary - our traditions, our freedom fighters, leaders, products and our companies and so on.

And last but the most important, start reviving old timeless Indian teachings. Start aligning ourselves to religious scriptures whichever one likes, this will provide us with the missing qualities that our society is in dire need of .

If millions of Indians decide to take charge of reviving the Nation, we will bring the change!

With immense proud and overwhelming emotion I wish everyone a happy Independence Day with a prayer that I completely believe, as we come from a culture of Vasudaiv Kutumbhakam (The world is our family)


ॐ सर्वे भवंतु सुख़िन:।

O God! May all be happy (peace unto all)

सर्वे संतु निरामया:।

May all be free from illness (Good health unto all)

सर्वे भद्राणि पश्यन्तु।

May all that we see is auspicious

मा काश्चिद दुःख भाग्भवेत।

No one sees the pain and sorrows

ॐ शान्ति, शान्ति, शान्ति:।

Om peace, peace and peace

Jai Hind! Vande Mataram!

Shweta Pathak

Featured Image by Sambeet D from Pixabay

About the Author

Ms. Shweta Pathak

Shweta is an L&D OD professional holding a decade long experience. She is a Nature lover and likes reading fictional as well as real stories and Vedic Scriptures.

She has recently started a journey to explore Spirituality through the path of Vedant Philosophy.

She is keen to participate in the causes of environmental conservation and animal care.

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