Pains are Blessings !!! Be Grateful !!!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

By Manish Aggarwal

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Hello Manav! How are you?

I am good, but who are you?

I observe you in deep grief, unable to even cry; just screaming and screaming silently.

What do you want? Who are you? Manav just raised his eyes brows and asked with irritation.

I can understand your unrest dear! I am Now! I am present.

Means? Manav expressed his surprise and confusion.

OK. Before anything else, just ask your inner self - are you not in deep grief? Sometimes in some kind of hatred?

I can’t hate anybody! Manav responded aggressively.

And what about grief and distrust?

Yes, they are there; always there. I am deeply hurt by the people in past; my people. You know, my people have never supported me. They ditched me, never appreciated my work and contribution. They have even abandoned me at many occasions’

OK! Then?

Nothing. I got strength, awareness and consciousness. I don’t allow anybody to hurt me anymore. I am successful, well recognised and accepted by the people at large.

But are you happy?

Yes I am!


What do you need?

Who you are to ask me?

I am time. I am now. I am the healer. I heal one or the other, every moment every day.

This is your turn now. What has hurt you the most? Where are its roots?

The reason of my hurt is people, my people. They are no mine anymore.

And where is the root?


The roots are always in past. They, your people, are not yours anymore, then for how long have you can carried them through your hurt? Do you know that this hurt is blessed to you?


Yes. Blessed! Have you not spread love and compassion among the people? Don’t you carry love and compassion deep inside?

Yes! This is the way people know me. I am known for this only.

Now see, what God has done for you. People fail to carry and spread the love and compassion for the unknown, neglected and ignored, because of their attachment to their few own ones. The hurt was the tool for you. It has opened the doors of your heart for others. It has facilitated you to focus more on your purpose and passion. Nobody has the capacity to hurt us, except our own expectations and emotional vulnerability. This hurt is a blessing for you, and you have converted this blessing into pain. This hurt has supported you for empathising the hurt and pain of others. Your compassion and love for all, is the offspring of that hurt only.

May be! Still, I can't agree with you.

What do you want to say now?

Is it not painful?

Yes, it is. Can you tell me, where is its root? Is it in now or past or future?

Definitely in past!

So it means that you are carrying a blessing of past, in the form of pain, allowing that pain to attract more pain to your life, now. You have allowed that pain to hurt you now; to rise a deep fear for the repetition of that hurt again; and every time your pain and fear is proving you right. Hurt is repeating itself again and again. Every minute, your compassion and love for others is balancing you against this pain and fear. This pain sometime unknowingly, unintentionally gets converted into revenge.