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Puke Bin

By Nitusmita Saikia

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

An old stubborn canon,

Guarding the worn out walls,

Despite vulnerable to a single stroke of affection,

And then it gets flooded with..!

Unspoken tales of fake love,

Eroding the glitters of cheeks,

Often peeling off her smiles,

She goes on living with all these scars …!

It is not at all,

A fall in her seasons,

There in the pretending shyness,

Still breathes a small world with pride,

Armour around her loneliness

She is a woman with mysterious vibes..!

Ripeness of mind gets caught,

And all come and decompose their thoughts,

To survive her beauty of soul,

They puke all of their hearts,

As if an autumn aroma of love in her breath,

As if the harvesting time for happiness,

Only to have crushed,

Her wounded emotions under their feet,

Like the last one while they leave.

Like an unfolded promise,

A promise in those subtle affairs…!

Never to come back again,


She is a loyal puke bin,

Nothing more for her left in the world of sin…!

Carrying an embossed scar,

After each use and throw story so far,

Forged herself with an iron heart

She sighs…!

Behind the embellished smile,


She bleeds every time it hurts,

Like a heavenly flow,

The river Nile back to its glow,

Keeps on feeding its traveller’s ripe thoughts,

In fake love,

Their sojourn stay

Leaves her always alone,

To go at last on her way,

Holding a pebble inside the chest,

The Puke bin is unwanted by the rest…!

(Featured Image by Sonyworld from Pixabay)

About the Author

Ms. Nitusmita Saika

Nitusmita Saika is by profession an instructor in National Cadet Corps, She writes both in English and Assamese. She has been writing poetry for e-magazines like FM online magazine for couple of years.

Her poems have been published in various anthologies under and much more.

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