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Reconciliation Everywhere

By Dr. Vipul Kubavat

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Reconciliation is Everywhere

Whether you're passive, or active

Whether in love, or hate

Whether at home, or at market

Whether in queue, or in race

Whether with parents, or with children

Whether as husband, or as wife

Whether honest, or dishonest

Whether at pinnacle, or in debacle

Whether vociferous, or subtle

Whether in pessimism, or optimism

Whether introvert, or extrovert

Whether in aggression, or depression

Whether in relation, or in selection

Whether in loss, or in profit

Real it is, believe or not

Whether you get choice, or random

Even when departed,

Whether soul posted at heaven, or at hell!

(Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

About the Author

Dr. Vipul Kubavat

Dr. Vipul is a Public Health Expert by profession.

He developed flair for writing due to exposure to medical education and then compelling scrupulous documentation in Public Health assignments.

Inspired by a zest of a friend into the world of literature, he loves to inscribe momentary rush of feelings...

Just trying, being human!

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