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The 48 hours

By Dr. Farah Deeba

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

It was a wait for 24 hours,

Here are the days of 48 hours.

Responsibilities that you do bear,

A farmer in the field with no cushion layer.

The days are hectic, and the nights intense,

The pressures are tremendous and the market is dense.

To take the care, there are no sides.

He tills the layers and carries the slides,

Do you know the worth in the eyes of many ?

May be too humble to reach out to any.

But a dear promise of providing the food,

To the cosmo, metro and the slums under the hood.

A life yet to live and the love yet to cherish,

Before the dawn will it set to flourish ?

Just to ponder on his sweat and salt,

The life he lives with a distressed halt.

He is a farmer of the farm,

With 24 hours in his arms.

He makes the day of 48 hours,

Without no bread, water or the shower!

Dr. Farah Deeba

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About the Author

Dr. Farah Deeba is a runner, motivator and counsellor, trainer and educationist, proficiency in management and administration.

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