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The Gift of Gratitude

By Bharul Chhatbar

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Gratitude is such a great and fascinating word, that what one needs to do is just close the eyes and focus on the word, you shall be amazed to see vivid pictures of real-life stories with your real-life heroes to whom you feel your gratitude.

Isn’t this true?

There are innumerable persons, I am most grateful to, but, I worship the most important class of our life, without whom we shall not thrive and sustain. Yes, they feed us, flourish us, yet they remain so adamant that we never ever reason them to be thankful to them in person.

Even I was one such easy going person, least thankful for them until last week, but my journey along the countryside ignited the fire of gratitude towards them.

I am fortunate enough to stay in town, surrounded by the greenery of fields of groundnuts, cotton, and maize, etc. The sweetness of fresh tender groundnut seeds was relished by me often. I always thought of fruits rather than the person working in the fields.

Yes, you are right, I am pointing towards the farmers. The other day I happened to travel along with the lush green fields, here I saw hardworking men and women toiling down to work, irrespective of the scorching heat, and remaining secluded in the deserted areas, working hard only to fill our appetite. They work tirelessly around the year to make our plate full. Still, we have become so selfish that we hardly remember them and their noble deeds towards us.

I was going for the family function with the great high to meet and greet my near and dear ones. All the excitement enhanced as I reached there. The function went on smoothly, and then came the well-laid buffet. There were so many delicacies to choose from that the taste buds ruled over the appetite ending up feeling heavier and happy! But one thing moved the mind that made me restless. There were so many leftovers in some plates that I couldn’t resist but preach the importance of food and the cons of wasting hard work of the most precious hours of our dear farmers! People were quite indifferent towards me, but some felt guilty promising not to repeat the mistake again.

Then again, I felt gratitude towards like-minded people!

With thankfulness and blessings to their noble profession, with the promise to do whatever little I can do for them, but more importantly not to waste the wealth of food, I left the function, promising to do my bit for them as when I look at the plate I see the God-like farmers in it!

Gratitude, gratitude to you My life. I owe it to you!

You sow, you reap, Your work is so deep, You toil in the soil,

For us, who are such a fuss!

Gratitude, gratitude to you, the life I owe to you!

You work endlessly, consistently, persistently, indifferently, and wholeheartedly.

Help one and all unknowingly for us you produce

Our appetite you induce!

Gratitude, gratitude to you, the life I owe to you!

Laboring in harsh sun or chill weather doesn’t affect you.

Rains make you pleased

But heavy one moves your peace.

Still, you stand with weary eyes

Looking at God entombing your cries!

Gratitude, gratitude to you, the life, I owe to you!

But then again, the heart cries

When unallied goes your sacrifice.

Where plate becomes a presentation of the status

Wasting more than enough

Such a pity, can’t you see the picture of ‘Son of God’ on the plate you discard?

(Featured Image by hudsoncrafted from Pixabay)

About the Author

Ms. Bharul Chhatbar is a passionate writer. Apart from being a dedicated homemaker, doing a bit to ignite the minds with her words that revolves and evolves around positivity.

She also writes on her blog


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