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The Next Step

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

By Rahul Kedia

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Standing on a mountain, I look way down below

Nothing but emptiness.

A low dark fall, a plunge into nothingness

How did I get on top of this place? Who brought me here?

And why?

I stand, hands outstretched, a bird ready to fly

I raise one foot off the ground....

Go fly,

Fly away into the wide blue clouded checkered skies ahead

Into the vastness of the starry universe

Go - jump, take the plunge, let go of the handrail.

Make a move, take the other step; the next step.

Forward - to higher ground.

Why do I hesitate to let go?

Go, do it now, it's now or never

I fear the fall - the daunting depths of darkness

The crash, the hurt, the pain.

Of the dizzying heights, which might hurt

If I fly too high

Oh save me;

I take a deep breath, one step forward and

Off I go

I flutter my wings and open my scared eyes

I'm away, yes I am away

My heart leaps in joy, my body fills with

The clean air of satisfaction

Of contentment, of letting go.

I am flying; yes I am

Ah freedom, freedom, where have you been,

My life?

(Featured Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay)

Mr. Rahul Kedia

About the Author

Rahul Kedia, has 10 + years of experience in HR and has worked with MNCs like Wipro, HSBC, WNS, Microland in the past.

He enjoys writing and have been writing ever since he was in school. He has won a few competition at school and college level.

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