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By Sahana Sundar

I marvel at how rain poured in torrents of grace

For so many people, there's a smile on their face:

There's coolness and comfort and there's wellness and bloom

And breeze and wetness, pleasure and groom…

There's the brook smiling, and stream gushing, in happiness and sheen,

Such is the power and strength of the beautiful watery sheet,

As it pierces through an expanse that's soft as a petal,

It is a creative’s peace—and a spiritual man’s ease.

There's a difference, alike when she falls or flows,

And trees stand at attention soaking in the bliss,

Cool everywhere and there's no sorrow, there's so much joy and so much joy,

When mildness, and wilderness both move in coy.

There's freedom, and always a gleamy stare

Of cheer sincerely claiming to know that she's there,

There's truth, in the nature it surely may share,

There’s heaven on the earth waiting to be worthy and fair.

This picturesque scene may seem to dance,

And the Man would give his lover his lovely heart;

And for centuries rain has been a welcoming gift,

And we are glad to be the happiest for it’s a kind of kind shower to be…

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