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Waves -

By Roopa Rani Bussa

Far away from the horizon runs to the shore

Miles and miles to crawl but never gets tired

Few waves reach the aim and many replenish

They start afresh with their very own verve again

From the space to the Earth, sound swirls forever more

Low to high are the vibrations that occur around us

The waves enter easily in water or air at a time

Each has a sense of motion when the vacuum is spared

Breeze to tornadoes, wind waves twirl around

Making the world feel pleasant to thrash

These mystic curves are never seen but only felt

Embarked waves of wind narrate the surge

Myriad minds work with variance in a zillion ways

Wavelengths make people’s minds come close or repel

Emotional waves around us structure our environment

Never going to lie, they manipulate the mood swings straight

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