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There is a man working tirelessly in fields

Updated: Apr 4, 2021

By Dr. Farah Deeba

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

(Dedicated to the farmer in Organic farming whom I met in an ultra run. He is Farmer Keshav Manik Tahla from Yamunanagar)

I saw a man working in the field

He was lost and deep so within the sow.

He was a contemporary farmer down on the plough.

His waist was inches and muscles in grams.

But bone had the strength

of tearing the fangs!

He is an ultra, an epic to say

Who makes century in an easy way.

Survives on coke and has numbers in passion.

He is a beast and a wander boy.

A tall and a handsome with a strong handshake

Might not look frenzied in a farmer's loop.

Awe struck maidens at his grandeur.

Ready for the glimpse and steady for the service.

But refineness is taking him off the plane

Making him struggle more for than insane

How can we sleep when he is in the field...

How can we be cozy in bed and sheets...

How can we be crazy with friends and parlours...

And how can we be comfort with the cushions and keys..

As the man we know is working in the fields.

We should aside him in the hard cracks

We should beside him for the sunny shades

We should be the moon for the sun he works

As he is the man working tirelessly on fields...

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Dr. Farah Deeba

About the Author

Dr. Farah Deeba is a runner, motivator and counsellor, trainer and educationist, proficiency in management and administration.

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