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Women - Our World

By Bharul Chhatbar

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Oh thy women! You have a heart of gold

You are not to woe men

You have deep desires sown

Aspirations, ambitions on hold!

Stagnant pool of desires

Waiting for a wave to flow

Enigma of expectations

To get fulfilled before the pyre!

Mind as as charity

Work as pure as the sublime

Deeds as soft as plock!

We men are but complete with you oh thy women!

We bow you , salute you, regard you

Men is but nothing without you!

(Featured Image by Alexandra Haynak from Pixabay)

About the Author

Ms. Bharul Chhatbar is a passionate writer. Apart from being a dedicated homemaker, doing a bit to ignite the minds with her words that revolves and evolves around positivity.

She also writes on her blog

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