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All About My Mother

By Neelima Mohol

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds






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Whenever I was asked to write about my mother, I would describe her as “Perfectly Imperfect”. Mother is a gift from God. As God can’t reach out to everyone, he created Mother. A beautiful soul that never gets tired. She takes care of others excluding herself.

It is truly said, “No one is more wonderful than a mother and there is nothing nobler than a mother’s heart. I hope you all treasure your mothers.” - Dr. Daisaku Ikeda.

Whenever certain days are celebrated, for eg. Valentines day, Chocolate day, Teacher’s day, etc, respect is given only on specific days. I have a question for everyone!

  • Do we really need these days to celebrate those people?

  • Why can’t we celebrate every day as Valentine’s day, chocolate day, Teacher’s day?

  • Why do we need these different days to express our gratitude to respective individuals?

  • Why not do it every day?

  • Why is a mother like a burden on her children?

  • Why do parents need old age homes?

  • How do we show love?

  • Is it just by celebrating one day in a year?

I feel every day is a Mother’s day. She doesn’t need expensive gifts. What she needs most is the time from her children. Love her and accept her as she is. Accept the generation gap and support her.

Blessed are those whose Mother is strong support, a teacher, a philosopher, a guide, a mentor in one’s life. She has unconditional love for each child and has no comparison. All children are equal to her. She is the treasurer of the heart and a friend for her daughter.

I am blessed to have one. My mother was 4 years old when she lost her mother. Those five kids were under the care of the family members, her uncle, aunt, and her father. Her grandmother was her big support. In those days girls were sent to girls’ schools only. As she grew, she had to take care of all the things she needed. She had specs from school. By nature, she was very quiet. If she didn’t like something she would never say it. She was hard working. One friend, whom she met in her school, changed her life forever. Her best friend forever.

She became her guide in life, who taught her to live life to the fullest. She used to enjoy every moment and those were the best years of life.

My mom’s name is Mrs. Kusum Madhukar Mohol. Including mom, they were 5 siblings, three brothers, and 2 sisters. Mom could not handle the loss of her mother well. She was very close to her father. She is very sensitive towards her family even now. Be it, anyone, her siblings, or her family, she is always there for everyone.

Things started changing after her marriage. She had to compromise on too many things. Before marriage, she would live in Pune. For a year after marriage, she lived in Pune. After a year she had to come to Vasai, where she had to adjust with many inconveniences.

Her Strengths :

She is a very good chef. At the same time, she is a homemaker. Relationships always mattered to her. She has the skill of holding everyone together. She never took anyone for granted. She has lived in a joint family so she values each and every relationship.

She is a very good decision-maker. Against all odds, she gave good education to every child. We are four children - 1 son and 3 daughters, and I am the youngest. She had put us in the Convent school. After marriage, she couldn’t study further. She happily accepted the family responsibilities. She took care of everyone’s likes and dislikes and stood like a pillar in every situation for everyone, her kids, or her nieces and nephews. All were the same for her. She never ill-treated anyone.

Dad was a very hot-headed person. He still is, though much lesser than before. Dad was always very dominating. But still, she fought it out. And she did it for us. She has tirelessly given her life, making herself uncomfortable.

Her weaknesses:

She is over possessive for her kids. This is because she lost her mother when she was merely 4 years old. She always missed the mother’s love. So she prefers to be very close to her children. Whenever someone was ill, she would have sleepless nights. Without any grudge, she would wake up with a smile on her face. She expected only love and respect from dad. She always wanted him to stand by her side, which sadly never happened. So she would be very upset and started blaming herself. It affected her mentally and emotionally. She had learned to be a fighter in life. The most important thing in life is never to give up on any situation.

No human being is perfect. And when you accept the person as it is, things will start falling in place. I have learned from her mistakes. I am proud to be a daughter of such a wonderful person, who has taught sacrifice, compromise, and patience to us. How to be aware of things in all areas of life, to be an eagle in life are a few things I learned from her. Though she couldn’t accomplish her dreams, she never stopped her children from doing the same.

A mother is irreplaceable and no one can take her place. She teaches how to love someone unconditionally.

Every woman has the motherhood in her. Let’s take an example of Lord Krishna. Devaki gave birth to him. But for his son’s safety, she made herself strong and sacrificed so much in her life. Further, Yashoda took care of him. He grew up under her care. She instilled good values in him. She became his Godmother.

A mother-in-law is also a mother, a daughter, and a wife. And unfortunately, we are only responsible for creating this gap.

I would like to dedicate a few lines of the poem to my mother.

Mothers with beautiful resolute hearts.

The nobility of mothers lies not in their appearance or clothing, nor in their social status or possessions, nor in the size of their homes, nor in the spaciousness of their gardens.

Mothers are the sun, the brightest of all. Mothers are the earth, infinitely bountiful. Mothers are the symbols of happiness, ever optimistic, walking tall with their heads held high.

Mothers dedicated to truth and justice are never intimidated by jealous or malicious attacks.

Even if they do not have a prestigious educational background, wise mothers remain unaffected.

(Featured Image by Đại Trịnh Ngọc from Pixabay)

About the Author

Ms. Neelima Mohol

Neelima Mohol is a Counselor and Psychotherapist with 13 years of experience.

She deals with people from all age groups for their holistic wellness and helps them in their healing!

She is an avid reader and loves writing!


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