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I'm the book like a moving boat with purple sails on,

No, I'm like a lamp of knowledge with a beaming light firm,

Some men in the boat are drunk and unable to stand straight…

But men here are the most stable and can make others’ lives bright,

I gave the boatman, oars of silver so that he could propel it through,

Is it so? I slept by the lamp staring at the light with my eyes wide open through,

The winds took the love-sick men hither and thither,

But lawyers here had logic and they talked further and further,

And the men in the boat dreamt of a lion of attack,

The lawyers sorted all and the case did crack,

The boatman too got drunk and dropped oars of silver,

Here the men of the village hailed the lawyers higher and greater,

The boat capsized and all the men drowned and died,

The villagers lighted the lamp of their houses cheered and enjoyed…

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