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Infested with desires

Dreams just remained as dreams; without wound any,

a precious illusion like a fairy tale

lullabying my naive belief..!

a maze of portals that I could never reach

to make them all true..!

My only one got torn,

muddy and filthy is my gossamer at last,

ploughed the soil, toiled day and night,


harvested all chaos but nothing,

And the dreams remained dreams only

despite staying with me; always within the real life I was living...!

All my sweat has gone,

I wither every day passed ahead binding up all cuts and burns,

chasing all illusions; playing hide and seek in those mazes,

As if amidst sun dunes and mirages of the desert,

I am going on pouring my blood to heal those wounds...

And eventually, nothing left to mend

the torn; my old gossamer with its weakened thread,

leaves me bare as it has become too late

for a new bloom of spring.

a dream of a new gossamer with an

unbroken thread

got infested with dying desires at last..!

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