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Is age or life situations a constraint to follow one's passion ?

By Sparkian Meenakshi Raina

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Though life might begin the moment we are born in this world, however, in real sense, we start living our lives after 40's. Right from our childhood till our 40's, we remain occupied in our studies, career building, settling down in our individual lives, building our respective families and pursuing our dreams and ambitions. In the pursuit of happiness, we chase our targeted goals and relationships, which, eventually, land us into frustrations, heartbreaks, health and financial issues and sometimes, failed relationships, enabling us to learn our individual lessons and gain necessary experiences.

The experiences and wisdom that we attain till our 40's not only help us in building resilience, patience, strength, emotional and mental stability but also broaden our vision and perception which gives us a clear picture of our mission, vision and purpose of life. Though it might not be the case with everyone but as per my observation, most of the people become mature and humble in between their 30's and 40's, realising their passion and purpose of life.

Some people look younger in their 70's while others may sound old in their 20's which is a big irony of so called modern and advanced society these days. There is no doubt about the ageing of our bodies and greying of our hair but feeling lively or despondent is all about mindset. Most of you might have interacted to some old age people who are full of life and radiate optimism wherever they go and you might have also noticed some young frozen faces who don't participate in life as cheerful beings. Well, it might look surprising to you but it is not our age but our perception towards life which makes us either look younger and happier or old and depressed, despite of our biological age limitations.

Nevertheless, each human being goes through some trials and tribulations in their respective lives and as a matter of fact, at every cornerstone of time, one has to make certain choices that unfolds the path to a chosen destiny. There comes a point, when you need to contemplate and pay attention to your life situations, beating the societal and age inhibitions in your mind so that you can live your life aesthetically and holistically.

Age should never be a constraint when it comes to follow the voice of your soul. It is rightly said that for achievers and warriors, age is just a number. There are infinite examples wherein people have unshackled the barriers of their age and have created history by following their passion. When you keep yourself occupied with some constructive and productive work or follow your passion(s) with zeal, you not only feel energetic and vibrant but also become glorified for your contributions in the long run. It gives you a feeling of deep contentment and worthiness which makes your life an inspiration for others. Louise Hay is one such great example who kept on following her passions, one after another till she left for her heavenly abode at the age of 90. Having witnessed and experienced an excruciating childhood, she made a choice and took charge of her life, combatted and healed her chronic ailment, cancer and became world famous author for the best seller book, 'You can heal your life', followed by many great accomplishments to her name as Inspirational Speaker and Healer.

Life is unpredictable and body is bound to age so what is the point to postpone something that can add value to your own existence and can contribute in the enlightenment of others as a whole. Let's not wait till we retire from our occupation and life itself. Make it a point to take a pause from everything and spend some quality time with yourself, asking the below mentioned questions to yourself-

  1. What is that I truly want to do apart from my occupation or job that can bring true contentment and happiness in my life?

  2. Even if it won't fetch me any money later on, would I still be following it with same dedication and passion?

  3. Is it going to help me to enhance my knowledge, leverage my skill(s), broaden my perception and transform my life?

  4. Is it going to help me as a source of income if I attain some expertise and excellence in it?

  5. Is it going to help me to become instrumental to someone's life if I choose it as both passion and occupation?

  6. Last but not the least, is this the passion I was looking for?

Once you get to know the answer to these questions, immediately put down your plan, ensuring the execution part. Set a specific timing wherein you'll be devoting some of your time in living your passion. Initially, take baby steps so that you feel and adore all that you do with devotion and love. Sometimes, you may forget everything and get engrossed into your passion but trust me, the joy and contentment you feel will be out of this world. Over a period of time, your passion will engender a deep sense of satisfaction and gratification, making you a compassionate and generous being.

To conclude, most of the people presume that chasing their career goals in order to afford materialistic stuff and momentary pleasures will give them happiness and contentment. No doubt money is an essential part of our survival which helps us to live a comfortable and dignified life in the society. However, anything that needs to be chased or create a sense of comparison or competition in one's mind, eventually, lands into dissatisfaction and creates an endless vacuum in one's life. However, following your passion may or may not yield any money but it surely fulfills your heart with contentment and cheerfulness because it comes from one's understanding, meditation or self-realization. So have you been able to discover your passion, if not, explore it now.

(Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay)

About Meenakshi Raina

Ms. Meenakshi Raina

Meenakshi is a Financial and Administrative Professional, Passionate Writer, Blogger, Co-Author, Reviewer, and Spiritual Practitioner.

She writes on the different genre to bring a change in society.

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