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Success and its contextual perceptions

Updated: Sep 2, 2023

By Sparkian Meenakshi Raina

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Success, a word that carries manifold interpretations or connotations for different individuals. Subject to the mental conditioning and the prevailing state of affairs, the definition of success becomes evident to each human being, however, the perpetual experiences of life evolve one's perceptions and thus the rendition of success ripens and inevitably changes at different intervals of life.

For a toddler, the success could be enjoying the very existence of his life, whereas, for a student, success lies in scoring well in the examination. For a householder, the success lies in managing a healthy work-life balance but for an ailing person, reviving to normal well-being is success. A mother considers her success in nurturing an infant into a responsible and good human being, whereas, attaining peace of mind is success to a depressed person. Earning hefty profits and expansion of business is the success to a businessman, however, service to humanity or attaining enlightenment is success to a monk.

As is one's frame of mind so will be the expression of success. Therefore, it is not indispensable that success lies in monetary accomplishments or meeting worldly goals, sometimes, success lies in inferring the essence of life or working for a transcendental and immanent cause.

As a matter of fact, life is a series of diversified experiences. In that context, the word success implies maintaining one's sanity amidst the challenging situations. No matter what life brings to your table, success is allowing yourself the freedom of being decisive and supportive to righteous causes. When you evolve on all the realms of your existence, becoming instrumental to people's transcendence, joy, peace, harmony and healing exquisitely personifies the success of your being.

Though there are ample success stories in the world, however, no amount of success equals rising beyond one's compulsiveness, desires, cravings, and addictions. It is when you remain centered in the midst of external chaos that you call yourself a successful person because the core of who you are needs to be in peace, harmony and joy. Success is when you can talk unwaveringly, unapologetically, and gracefully about your unpleasant past. None of us can deny the fact that each repugnant experience contributes to our prudence, valor, patience, resilience and molds you the person of substance. Success is when you are encompassed by people who inspire and motivate you in becoming the best version of yourself and who you can count and lean on effortlessly and confidently. Success is when you enjoy being in solitude, employing it for your overall wellbeing, growth, and productive endeavours.

Human life is complex only when it is controlled by the mind; it becomes a beautiful blessing and successful journey when mind is used for one's transcendence. However, the journey of self-analysis to self-exploration is not that easy, it costs one's time, energy, unbounded faith and unflinching commitment towards the self. Life is not a destination but rather a journey of exploration which requires dedication, discipline and patience with the self and the people around you. No matter how much arduous your journey of life is; the key lies in consistency, self-control, self-confidence, and resilience.

In the midst of challenging or unfavourable situations, instead of getting carried away by the emotions, it requires a pause to avoid the regretful reactions. Moreover, it requires an inquisitive mind, observing one's thoughts, words, ideas, perceptions and most importantly, one's demeanour to attain mastery over the mind.

This life is an excellent school to unlearn the compulsive tendencies of our minds and groom ourselves into sophisticated, matured, responsible, peaceful and joyful human beings.

Life never ceases to bother until one succeeds in learning the obscured potential of the mind, unveiling the infinite existence. One needs to be grateful to Almighty God for all sorts of experiences because unknowingly they became instrumental to one's metamorphosis. It is only when we deal with different mindsets; we learn the traits of acceptance, compassion, patience, gratitude, etc.

In order to meet either the successful or the broken version of yourself, all that is required is your willingness to invest your time and energy in yourself. Choose your future self now for the perception of your success lies there.

About the Author

Meenakshi Raina

Meenakshi is a published Author, Blogger and Philosopher whose sole mission is to serve humanity through her self-realized expressions.


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