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Falling apart in the flow of draining patience,

like the day towards the evening,

and to the night..!

A long wait like an epoch...

As if,

A deal with a retributory existence

a perpetual view of the light of a greedy flame,

where the heart burns to die every day slowly..!

shadowing the sunrise; eclipsing a moonlit sky

A chest aflame mourns for

you never showed up; despite the timely arrival of seasons..!

smoky eyes could hatch the teardrops only.

Unbuckled all petals; armour has fallen on the ground,

clouds bundled up for a dark sight in front..,

as if swallowed the poison of separation and got stuck in my throat,

now I am silent like an evening in the graveyard,

watching all my hopes burning on its pyre,

a glow warm before its end..!

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