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Life of Women

Updated: May 4, 2020

By Neelima Mohol

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Amidst lockdown, I was pondering on the various roles women play. I came with my thoughts on how she is balancing the various roles while being at home and managing everything. Hence I penned down my thoughts...

A woman has to play a variety of roles in her daily life, the role of a daughter, wife, mother, grandmother.

Woman in the daughter's role:

In a daughter’s role, she does the role-play of her mother. She is the princess to her father. She starts taking care of the smallest of things; for e.g, likes and dislikes of each and every member of the family. She learns to take up the responsibility at an early age. She becomes a helping hand for her mother until she grows up. She is made capable to take decisions on her own.

Woman in wife’s role:

If a woman is working after marriage, along with the man, she is asked to contribute her income to the family. But if a woman is a housewife, she has to take care of her entire family. She works more than her husband and because she is a housewife many times her work is not appreciated. She is taken for granted and ill-treated. But one firm decision towards her growth by her, can either make or break the home.

Woman in mother's role:

A woman, when she gives birth to a child is considered to have made her second birth. More than her dreams, the child’s growth and development become more important to her. She sacrifices her job and takes care of her children. A woman is a strong pillar of her home, her family. Everything collapses when a woman steps out of the home to prove her worth.

Woman in the grandmother's role:

In this role, a woman helps her family in adding values and life experiences. She is a strong protector, guide, and philosopher to every member of the family. Every role that a woman plays until her last breath stays as an example for the entire family.

A woman at the workplace:

At the workplace, a woman has to face many challenges. If the job is out-of-station, she has to challenge herself to complete her office task as well as manage doing multi-tasking. Managing her home and office is not an easy task. From this, she learns work management, time management, etc. She learns to mold herself in any situation. A woman in today’s world is far stronger than she thinks. She is also independent.

Current status of a woman:

A woman in the 21st century is equal to man, stronger than a man, with a never giving up attitude. A woman in today’s century is independent in many ways.

So, respecting and protecting a woman is particularly important.

I salute each and every woman of the Universe!

About the Author

Ms. Neelima Mohol

Neelima Mohol is a Counselor and Psychotherapist with 13 years of experience.

She deals with people from all age groups for their holistic wellness and helps them in their healing!

She is an avid reader and loves writing!


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