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Master your Energies

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

By Sparkian Meenakshi Raina

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Well, every now and then, people are talking about crime and violence.

  • But do we ever think as to how and why these two demons (violence and crime) have spread its wings all around the world?

  • Do we ever notice the things which are responsible for watering its roots?

  • Have we ever tried to escape ourselves against this virus which is causing the death of many precious lives?

  • Have we ever thought and focused on the measures through which our lives won’t get affected?

Unfortunately, the answer would be no because we are so much occupied with our lives that we hardly get time to contemplate on the things which are making our lives miserable.

So before moving ahead, let us first understand the meaning of “ energy” on which we are going to discuss so that we can connect ourselves with the subtleties of the topic.

Anything we think, read, listen, watch or talk about is generally called information and the same word in higher or elevated language is called energy.

It has been scientifically proven that the energies consumed or emitted through us directly impact our body, mind, relationships and the Universe as a whole. Each one of us is responsible for what the world is going through today.

Although, many of us may be unaware of the fact that our energies are so powerful that they can –

  • Heal or aggravate lives.

  • Spread peace or violence in the Universe.

  • Make this world a better or a bitter place.

  • Develop love or hatred in the world.

  • Empower or disempower souls.

  • Outspread righteousness or wickedness.

So first of all, let us throw some light on the things, which are mainly responsible for increasing and spreading the roots of inhumanity all around the world, which directly or indirectly impacts our body, mind, relationships and everything in the universe. Consciously, if we think, we would come to know that any violence or crime strikes our lives through the means of gossiping, reading, listening, watching television and even surfing the internet. But we must never forget that these are the only mediums through which all relevant information is approaching our lives and make us aware of all the good happenings, which are beneficial for us. Then what should be done to remain unaffected while consuming the energies through these channels?

Friends, if you remember life just two decades ago, you would realize that it used to be quite simple and beautiful having harmony, happiness, and love between people of diverse cultures and communities. It used to be an era when no access or scarce access was available to get any type of information about the world. The source of communication was either postal services or an exceptional common landline phone in one’s vicinity and barely any source of entertainment was available. People used to spend maximum time with their families and doing physical activities. I do remember that there used to be only one TV Channel i.e. DD National having a specific time schedule to telecast news and programs without focusing on violence and vulgarity, which all family members and even neighbor’s used to watch together.

Now, if we consciously analyze today’s lifestyle, we will come to know that the quality of information that is being shown on TVs, newspapers and on the internet is full of atrocity, violence, and vulgarity. You hardly can watch any channel on your TV sets along with your family and kids as you used to watch in the early 80s. There is no time limitation applicable for these TV channels; manifold channels are playing round the clock. Through these mediums, we are unknowingly feeding our innocent minds with terror, crime, fear, doubt, etc. and unfortunately, without our knowledge, we are giving a space to all this unwanted stuff in our subconscious mind.

Although, the food we eat is said to be the source of energy to nourish and to grow our physical body but if we consume any adulterated, unhygienic or raw food, the same food is going to imbalance our physical well-being, likewise, any wrong information that comes our way has the power to disrupt our emotional well-being, which in turn hits our body, mind, and relationships and that too without our awareness.

Nowadays, most of us are used to a lifestyle, where we eat our meals watching TV or using our electronic gadgets or even talking over mobile phones which are also directing our minds to behave irrationally.

Therefore, it has been clearly understood that we become vulnerable to violence and crime through the above-mentioned modes of energies through which we are directly or indirectly inviting ailments and miseries in our lives. Hence, to protect ourselves and to regain harmony, happiness, and peace in our lives, we need to focus on the following measures –

Susceptible Time:- Early morning time (4.30 am to 6.30 am) is said to be “Brahma Muhurat” as per our ancient scriptures and during this time, our mind and subconscious mind have the highest power to absorb the stuff that is being fed to it. Hence, during this peak time, we need to meditate, read or watch any spiritual or motivational stuff which is good for our psychological well-being.

Quality Information:– Once, it is clear that any wrong information is directly affecting our body and mind, therefore, make sure to read and watch only information that brings peace, happiness, and harmony in your lives. Also, make sure while eating and drinking you have no access to your electronic gadgets and TVs to safeguard your emotional well-being.

Releasing unpleasant past:- Keeping grudges in your heart will lead you nowhere but will only make your life more miserable. So let go of the past bad memories and forgive all, once for all.

Energize your food:- Before eating or drinking anything, make sure you energize the quality of your meals with your pure vibrations by creating positive thoughts for your food.

Connect:- Surround yourself with people, who are having a positive approach towards life and whose company uplifts your soul and helps you to grow.

Disconnect:- Always, listen to your gut feeling and disconnect yourself with any such person, people or things, which your consciousness knows are not good for your psychological or physical well being.

Subscribe:- Internet is a boon if used appropriately. YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. are the common social platforms to which we all are connected throughout day and night. Therefore, subscribe to the pages and channels which you believe uplifts your state of mind.

Decline:- Ignore and avoid any such information, messages or programs on electronic media, which you know is not good for your emotional well-being.

Indifference:- Don’t pay heed to those who rejoice criticism and who mock people. Be indifferent to them.

Creativity:- Engage yourself in some constructive creativity which will help you to grow and will also bring contentment in your life.

Me and Family Time:- Fix a specific time in your daily routine, so that you can talk to yourself, meditate and also do whatever makes your soul happy. Apart from this, make time for your loved ones and make them feel special and happy.

Subconscious activity:- Many of us might have experienced some dreams which later turned into reality because our subconscious mind works on the energies that we consume during the day. Hence, make sure that you consciously think, speak, watch and read positive stuff, especially, before going to bed.

Before I conclude this imperative piece of writing, I would like to put up some questions for you to contemplate upon-

  • Legacy:- What legacy are you going to leave behind before leaving this world?

  • Contribution:- What is your contribution to the world apart from your family

  • Family:- What measures are you taking to provide a strong psychological footing to your family?

  • Rest in Peace:- Do you want to rest in peace after you die or you want to be peaceful while you are alive?

Well, if I would be asked to answer these questions, I would simply say that the best thing that can be offered to this planet and to our loved ones would be a clean environment with a positive ambiance. To create a healthy and positive ambiance in our surroundings, all we need to do is consciously cleanse our aura by following the above measures in our daily routines. If we succeed, transforming ourselves into a better human being then surely we are going to contribute and radiate our positive vibes, not only to our loved ones but also to the universe. Moreover, mastering the skill of employing our energies will also lead us to learn the art of living peacefully and therefore after we die, our soul would surely rest in peace.

In my concluding lines, I would just offer my request to one and all to take charge of your individual energies before it is too late and make your energies to create a beautiful world inside you and also leave a legacy of a beautiful world outside you.

If you find any worth in this article and you believe it is going to have a positive impact on people’s lives then do share this blog with your loved ones because sharing is caring. Also, my sincere thanks to you for taking a few moments out of your busy schedule in reading this blog. God bless you…

About Meenakshi Raina

Ms. Meenakshi Raina

Meenakshi is a Financial and Administrative Professional, Passionate Writer, Blogger, Co-Author, Reviewer, and Spiritual Practitioner.

She writes on the different genres to bring a change in society.

For more information, visit Meenakshi Raina on her facebook page @

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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