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My father gave me birth

By Hitangxi Bhuta

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

My father is unique among all. He loves me above all relationships in life.

He can fight for me, he runs with me, he plays with me, he dances with me, he can cook yummy food for me...He gave me everything I want. He sacrifices his life, self-respect, wishes for me. He is God to me. I am here just because of him.

Overall he gave me birth twice... Surprised!!!

My father is my mother.

She gave me birth once when I came to the world and second when she became My only Father,

She screams so high,

She irritated that high,

She demands so high,

Let her be with her high,

She is lonely on high,

She is only on high,

She is a fighter of all high,

She is a writer of her high,

She is achiever of high,

Because her love is high,

She is single on high,

No, she is double on high,

She is a mother of high,

She is father above all high!

(Featured Image by Markéta Machová from Pixabay0

About the Author

Ms. Hitangxi Bhuta

Hitangxi Bhuta is an avid blogger and expert in two-line and four-line poetry. Her belief in writing and positivism coupled with her practice in Reiki and Tarot reading has empowered her healing therapies for people approaching her for emotional and physical energy balancing. Over the years, she has made it her purpose of life to spread positivity through the power of words.

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