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By Sahana Sundar

A light of resilient life was she,

Too determined for the vision she believed to be,

With an ample spirit, she even went against the wind,

To be grounded, unstoppable, unshaken.

She, an alien when married to my father,

But she had dawned to be a Sanskrit scholar,

All credits she gave to her brother Shastri for grooming,

From a girl in a small town to being a faculty in a school of blooming,

She soon embraced the traditional life of her in-laws,

In thoughts and deeds, some flawless and few false less,

She felt so proud when my grandfather called her JaiBharathi,

And like an angel full of innocence was her glee,

It was not a bed of roses all her life,

She had seen all colours and shades of grey,

An absolute self of boldness and bravery,

Her life of consciousness without a boundary,

With all thoughts, pains, joys of mortal breath,

She embraced a wrestler's life, to fight against death..


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