Never be so quick to judge!!!

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

By Sparkian Meenakshi Raina

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

The other day, I was just working on my laptop at around 11 pm when I heard a man scolding his wife in front of my apartment and within no time he dragged her out of their home and started beating her ruthlessly. I wanted to come out to protect that poor lady but the man was drunk so I restricted myself but surprisingly not even a single person in my neighborhood dared to rescue her. After witnessing this ferocious incident, I couldn’t sleep all throughout the night because of the following questions in my mind-

  • Why don’t people realize the damage they inflict upon someone’s existence by demeaning their personality?

  • What if someone treats them the way they treat their prospective victims?

  • Why don’t parents pay attention right from the beginning if they notice any irrational behavior in their children?

  • Why don’t school authorities come forward to counsel the pupil with unreasonable behavior?

  • What if couples be given the right parenting education before they enter into parenthood?

  • What would be the future of children who witness violence in their respective families?

  • Why is the government not making it mandatory to counsel couples/parents, who seek divorce because of domestic violence or any other reasons?

  • Does the irrational behavior of people have any connection with their past births?

  • Can spirituality be of any help in healing people's aggression and irrationality?

Well, I think the above questions are enough to ponder upon the intricacies of this grueling issue i.e. The Irrational Behavior. Additionally, these questions might have given you an idea that people with absurd behavior are unaware of their weirdness, which can be cured with the help of their families and loved ones. What I am trying to say here is the constant or repeated irrational behavior of people.

As a human being, sometimes we may lose our tempo because of some unavoidable and unacceptable situations around us but that doesn't mean to step on to someone's feelings and crush down their self-esteem. But if we carefully analyze any such incident where a person is abusing and intimidating another person, we would realize that the culprit is undergoing much more pain as compared to the pain of the victim. Now to interpret this, I would like to inscribe the story of Gauri for better understanding-

"Gauri is a benevolent and compassionate persona, who believes in helping and serving humanity. She says that her elder brother's awkward behaviour has helped her immensely in understanding the human emotions and behaviour.

She further adds that her elder brother, Rocky, had a behavior of lying for no reason, fights on petty issues, intimidating and controlling people, right from his early childhood. As per Gauri, she started reflecting on the irrational behavior of her brother, when she even didn't knew about contemplation. She says that initially, her parents ignored Rocky's unjustifiable behavior and later, despite of their countless efforts, they significantly failed in developing moral values and healthy behaviour in him, as a result of which, he became troublesome and jeopardy to the entire family and to the society as whole.

Now coming back to our topic, who do you think is responsible for Rocky’s unjustifiable behavior? Of course, your answer would be "parents" and which seems true. But here the question is-

  • Were Gauri's parents eligible for parenting role?

  • Did they knew about ideal parenting?

  • Were Gauri's parents aware of the fact that Rocky's behavior need to be cured?

  • Last but not least, if parents were responsible for Rocky’s irrationality then why can't Gauri became like him?

From the above facts, it is clearly understood that before standing someone responsible for something, we must pay attention to check their pre-requisite eligibility for the given role. Yes, friends, parenting is a role to be played judiciously and sensibly by both the parents. Giving birth to children is not what makes you a parent rather instilling the moral values and making them beneficial to the society is what makes the difference. To the best of my knowledge, I am enlisting some of the qualities of ideal parenting

  • Parents must spare their time to play and to have healthy discussions with their kids, right from their early childhood to develop a friendly bonding with them.

  • They must patiently listen to them and try to understand the depth of their thoughts.

  • They should never compare their children with other children. Every child is unique and has got some exclusive features which must be accepted and appreciated by parents.

  • Parents must appreciate their children for all the good things they do.

  • They must have a keen watch on the behavior and performance of their children.

  • They must be aware of their children’s friend circle and should keep in touch with their families.

  • They must pay attention if they notice any illogical or irrational behavior of their children and immediately try to get it resolved.

  • They must immediately seek guidance if they fail in resolving it.