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Parenting – Building a Strong Foundation for any Relationship and Nation

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Well, many people think that relationships doesn't need any special care, good treatment or nourishment to keep them going. This might be a reality some decades ago because of the taboo of society, gender discrimination or lack of awareness. But the truth is that it needs love, respect, liberal understanding, healthy communication, sharing, caring and trust towards each other to last any relationship and making it a blissful bond forever.

In a male-dominated society, it becomes the prime responsibility of parents to provide equal upbringing to their children in order to build a great contribution to the world. Parent's focus should be to build strong Emotional footing of their children for their overall development. It becomes mandatory because parents are said to be the first Teachers (गुरु) of their children. As per my understanding, the parents need to indulge their children in all the social and cultural activities in such a way that they should feel joyful and motivated but never burdened or forced to participate. Such joyful participation will help them to understand the importance of harmony and unity in diversity. It will also strengthen the roots of humanity in their minds right from their childhood and would make them a better human being.

Parents must imbue the roots of spirituality in their children, however, to pass it on, they must possess it at the first place. Therefore, parents must be well equipped with the spiritual knowledge, realising its relevance and essence in their lives.

A couple should be loving, caring, supportive and respectful towards each other and to educate and exhibit this trait to the children, they must be living a healthy relationship with each other. Their healthy relationship would become a role model to children and also it will help them to learn how to live a happy and successful married life. These little yet significant teachings given by parents in an appropriate manner, would make children emotionally strong and socially responsible.

Children who would be brought up in a conducive environment would appreciate and respect all their relationships and would also understand the accountability towards social responsibilities as well. Essentially, right parenting would help the children to embrace and value feelings and space in whatever relationships they enter into. It would also help them to understand as to how adversities play a vital role in bringing two people together provided they have witnessed the moral support of their parents in their respective hard times. Without any bias, they would appreciate and celebrate people's success. Children who carry moral ethics and humanity would undoubtedly inherit the same life principles to their decedents.

To summarise, the parents play a decisive role in building the foundation of any relationship and nation as a whole. They can either sow and grow the seeds of positivism, spirituality and humanity or vice-versa. Therefore, the choice is left with the parents as to what they want to conceive in the little innocent minds of their children?

Giving birth to a child is not what makes you a parent rather how they deal with their relationships, social responsibilities and adversities say all about your parenting...

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Ms. Meenakshi Raina

Meenakshi is a Financial and Administrative Professional, Passionate Writer, Blogger, Co-Author, Reviewer, and Spiritual Practitioner.

She writes on the different genres to bring a change in society.

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