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Success – what does it mean to you?

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

By Sparkian Meenakshi Raina

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Well, before I proceed to discuss the word “SUCCESS”, I would like to bring forward some simple questions pertaining to the subject –

  • What does success mean to you as an Individual?

  • What does success mean to you, when it comes to Family?

  • How do you define success, when it comes to education?

  • How do you interpret success, when it comes to contributing to the world?

  • Last but not least, are you a successful person?

Okay, coming back to the subject, as per dictionary, the word ‘Success’ means “the accomplishment of an aim or purpose”. Let us discuss the above-mentioned questions, to understand the word ‘Success” better.

1) Individual Success – Although, success varies from person to person and it is quite obvious that many people may have their own beliefs. So how do we get the exact definition of Success based on Individuality? Let’s take an example, a person, after completing his studies, sets some goals for his career and for his personal life as well, which he has achieved through his tiresome efforts and hard work within a short span of time. He got all that he wanted to achieve, in fact, more than his expectations, in terms of monetary and luxurious comforts. Not only this, he got a happily married life along with sweet and healthy kids. Now, everything is complete in his life, right? So, as per our society, this man can be called a successful person, isn’t it? But let me tell you something, if this is a real success, then why some successful people are not happy and contented? Why many successful people are suffering from depression? Why some successful people are intolerant? Why some successful people are not having a healthy married life? One answer to all these questions; a successful person is he, who is gleeful, serene, unanimous and benevolent when it comes to the individual level. Individual success has nothing to do with outward accomplishments. It is something that has to be obtained from within. I would sum up this point by stating that success lies in self-satisfaction.

2) Family Success – Well, many of you might get surprised by hearing ‘Family Success’. But my dear friends, there is nothing to get shocked over it; in fact, this is an alarming issue of our society, these days. Well, neither I am a professional coach nor had I interacted with many people in my life but still I got much experience out of a limited circle around me. Okay, coming back to our topic, have you ever met some children, who do not want to go back to their home, after their school is over, why because, they are witnessing the arguments and fights of their parents at home? Have you ever met some women in your circle, who are beaten up by their husbands at night and next morning they are bound to do the entire chore for the family and that too with a forceful smile on their face? Have you ever met some, so-called successful people, who are having their extra-marital affairs, despite having a loving and caring spouse? Have you ever met some destitute old age parents, who sacrificed everything, just to make their children’s successful career and later they were misbehaved by them? Have you ever met the parents of so-called successful people, who couldn’t afford to look after their old aged parents and put them into Old Age Homes? What type of success is this, when despite having an abundance of wealth and fame in the society, people fail to bring harmony, togetherness, and happiness in their respective families? To be a successful person is one, who can accommodate his/her parents in a very submissive way, who is also a loving and trustworthy spouse and at the same time, who is a caring and responsible parent as well and with whom entire family feels safe, happy and comfortable. A person’s success is measured by the happiness of his/her family when it comes to success in the family.

3) Success in Education – Well education is something, which almost each and every one of us had accomplished in our given period, right? Then what is it that makes education a success? You might be wondering what many of us were asked by our parents to opt for a subject about which we were least interested. But thankfully, this is not happening with today’s generation or maybe it is. But anyhow, whatever may be the condition, my motive here is never to hurt the sentiments of parents, they are always the well-wishers of their children. Okay, how many of us have truly justified with our academic qualification, I mean, whatever you read in your colleges or institutions, are you doing the job in the same area? To my knowledge, there are many students, who studied engineering but are working in Banks or with some other organizations or later pursued an MBA degree to work in MNC’s, which is the total opposite of their engineering field. Similar is the case with other students, who study something and are doing a job in the opposite field. No doubt, such students accomplished success in their working area but what about the knowledge and money parents had invested on the stream they studied? What about the expectations of their parents, who invested, just to see them prosper in the said area? Therefore, success in education is when you utilize all your acquired knowledge and proclaim expertise and affluence in the same field. This is how you truly justify your knowledge and your parent’s monetary investment in real sense.

4) Contribution to the world – It’s not a big deal to nurture and to offer love and compassion to our loved ones rather it is our duty. The great people are great simply because they believe in giving and contributing to the world. Hence, the real greatness lies in giving, uplifting or contributing to the world. But we human beings are very selfish even if we can afford to help someone either financially or otherwise; we restrict ourselves to offer any help. It is not about money, all the time; people can contribute to the world in so many ways provided their intentions are benevolent. I believe that there are so many royal families in the world, who are financially very sound and even then if someone in their circle needs their help, they manage to back out very smartly; can’t they contribute financial support to the needy people? Some people are highly intelligent but their so-called ego never allows them to share their knowledge to uplift or to help others; can’t they help by sharing their knowledge with those who can’t afford an education? Most people are healthy and are capable to help others by donating blood; can’t such people afford to donate blood once in a year or donate their organs, which can be transplanted after their death to the needy people? There are many similar examples, where one can contribute to society and to the world but all it needs is kindness and generosity. So coming back to our topic, how could people proclaim themselves to be successful, when they can’t even afford to offer any benignity to the world? To be a successful person is one, who can help the needy, uplift the lost souls and also contribute to society through compassion, knowledge, action or money.

Well, I believe that all the above statements have helped you to understand, whether you are falling in the list of successful people or not. The above details may also serve you, as a gauge to check and to set the required parameters at different levels of life, to become a successful person.

I would like to conclude here by stating a very beautiful fact that success is not always about name, fame, royalty, and money but success is something which makes you and your loved ones happy and feels proud of and also which makes a difference in the lives of others. We have live examples of such great people, who truly made difference in people’s lives; Sri Ravi Shankar, BK Sister Shivani and so many great personalities like them, who will be remembered till ages for their contributions to the entire world.

So keeping in mind the above observations, answer to your conscience, are you a successful person?

Thanks for being so patient for going through my blog. I would appreciate your feedback in the comment box below the blog…God bless you.

About Meenakshi Raina

Ms. Meenakshi Raina

Meenakshi is a Financial and Administrative Professional, Passionate Writer, Blogger, Co-Author, Reviewer, and Spiritual Practitioner.

She writes on the different genres to bring a change in society.

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Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

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