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Pursed heart and shrunken eyes in the hold,

caging the tempting cascade of my pain..!

beneath the weight of a tiny corpse,

like a broken piece of cloud in my shattered sky,

lying on my back entangled into a halter belt,

Never to rise to tickle my ear again..!

Waiting for his turn to be reduced to ashes,

the cold flesh unleashed untrammelled memories,

seizing every column of bone,

that holding my soul,

and there my earthquakes,

splashing its ocean to mourn ..!

The departure of my little brother at that cursed dawn..!

I tried to wriggle free from the scattered

dead bodies galore,

And at last wailing tears shambled out of the torn soul,

for lost humanity and diseased mankind,

Under the blizzards of war and useless valour..!

The land of rising sun set ablaze in an unfriendly light,

and the fool’s toy wrapped in a massive hakama of clouds,

had blown our entire world leaving a scar

to be haunted forever by never-ending nights,

like the wound of my bleeding lips

While in queue clutching my cry ..!

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