The Better World…It starts with You!!!

Updated: Dec 28, 2019

By Sparkian Meenakshi Raina

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Generally, it is seen that many young children are getting de-tracked from their path and indulge in the wrong company and even some teenagers covertly get married at a very young age causing huge damage to the reputation of their families and to their own career as well. They become the reason for slandering the name and fame of their families. People in general start blaming such children without understanding the reason or logic behind their wrongdoing. They become judgmental immediately after they come to know that so and so the child has done some shameful or disgraced act at a very tender age. Sometimes, in such cases, people sympathize with the family but mostly they condemn and blame not only these children but their parents as well. However, in many cases, families as well as people around, dissolve their relationships with such children, boycotting them forever.

Although, I am not any psychologist or an expert but I have noticed that the children, who are deprived of parent’s love, care, an