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The Sea Swimmer

Updated: Apr 7


Emily wrote…

Marx’s skin was as pure as ivory, his eyes, mesmerising emeralds, and his smile a gentle breath of spring. He was an ace swimmer and his several accolades spoke volumes of his aquatic power. Today, he is on a marathon swim, for the grand stage.

As Marx swam deeper into the azure depths, he was surrounded by a vast congregation of squids. These lurking creatures made the water turbulent and his vision was obscured. Panic swept over him as he struggled to keep his head above water. The icy grip of fear tightened around his heart and a frigid sensation troubled his eyes. He had no clarity.

Marx's handstrokes, a symphony of grace and power, propelled him through the crystalline waters with unmatched finesse. Marx embraced the boundless expanse of the ocean, ready to conquer whatever challenges lay ahead.

 Emily stopped writing…

Confused about how to take it forward she stopped and threw the paper on the table in the front. She just got up and with brisk steps reached the kitchen and gulped two to three glasses of water. That gave a kind of contented feeling. In the next minute, the orphaned paper on the table stared at her, giving her palpitations. 

“I can’t write, I can’t write Sam…I am so bad at writing” She bit her lips and then made faces.

“Emily show me your script, I will tell you whether you can write or not… Don’t judge yourself.” Sam read the script loudly…This is such a nice start, Emily.”

No, No No… I don’t feel so …” She stressed the word ‘no’, a little harder.

Emily, you are an original thinker…Why do you always crib that you cannot continue… all that you have to do is a freestyle writing marathon …. Don’t stop and be fearless… continue till you finish a chapter.”, Sam reassured, “Don’t worry I am here to help you out…Add more and more challenges to his swimming…

“.Wait” stopped Sam and ambled towards the study.

Sam held a bulk of manuscripts that Emily had written.

He said, Look at this piece, You have written about Marx celebrating his successful completion of Marathon…. This is so nice, well written…” He further read all her manuscripts one by one. Emily could not believe her ears. She even wondered how I wrote so beautifully well, are these my scripts? 

Sam appreciated each piece she had written.

After listening to several scripts, a smile of success emerged on Emily’s lips. She sat on the sofa upright and started writing the storyline for her book, “THE SEA SWIMMER”

Sam was a great support. He respected Emily’s every desire and he too wanted to see her as a great writer. He allowed all time and space to Emily. 

Emily Wrote, Sam cooked.

Years back, Emily announced to her small world, "I am going to write the novel “SEA SWIMMER” on Marx" and today she has all the confidence that she is going to finish this novel in an exemplary way.

"In the vast expanse of the writing world, Emily discovered that the true journey to conquer lied in herself."

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