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Tormenting pain and a beautiful morning

By Sahana Sundar

When I have pains that cannot be ceased at all,

Before my pen sees the paper white,

Before I would share with my best of friends,

I behold in my heart in a swollen state,

Like a clouded sun in the azure sky,

And when I think I might die with it,

Their shadows shrink inside me a bit,

Then I feel within me a beast so big and gross,

Tormenting my heart to get a scar or bruise,

And the stream of gibberish words pour out of my chest,

Out of my dream, louder like a crackers burst,

Pain garbed in the words like addudubo Lino bi,

Pattutulo kalo bi and I hear my daughter's words,

Mumma, mumma, get up, it’s a white morning,

Bright outside with a flower in my pot,

I hug and smile at her as if I have no more pain,

This is a world so beautiful in all happiness and gain..


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