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By Sahana Sundar

When negative voices tormented your ears,

And melancholy stroke your heart,

The tears of sorrow dabbed your cheeks,

And violent whips lashed at you.

The air around your feet tugged you down,

The vision blurred by fog and clouds,

The rumbling thunder lost its symphony,

The broken strings denied harmony.

The bitterness lingered in the blood,

Stole your spirit of soul and life

At this juncture, you became a soldier,

Neither you want to give in or give up,

You knew in your heart what to do and what not to do,

And how to cope with sweeps and floods,

You raised above the words of malice, hate and jeer,

And in the moonlight, you saw the zen.

You did do whatever your heart has said,

Till all the violent voices lay dead,

Now it was your voice that echoed aloud,

And the deed that made you glad.

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