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Updated: Mar 20

She little sprout in the scarlet ground,

Five little fish in the glazed pond,

On the magnificent wall which does bound,

Emerged a new leaf of the Canna plant,

A garden green orchard, prominently fair,

The most lovely place where my fondness grew,

All had a sound sleep on this earth of care,

Under the joyful sun, they enjoyed the fair.

The cars on the road were lovely parked,

that took us excitingly to the picture hall,

The money plant that ornated our lovely door,

Went wild like a pampered child of choice,

Under the guava tree, the shade wasn't all that crude,

While the lonely flower on the pot enjoyed solitude,

Sunshine and showers blessed the enchanting greens,

And kept my sweet little belongings in perfect sheens,

When I returned after a trip from a land owned by God,

All of these once and for all waved their hands,

Then I sensed a shine of the star and a sparkling light,

All shouted to me at once Welcome dear Welcome back home.

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