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Women Empowerment – “A Dream or a Reality”

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

By Sparkian Meenakshi Raina

Contributing Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Gone are the days when women were considered a burden to their families. In the current generation, women across the world, have overcome all the negative notions and have proved themselves beyond any doubts in the sphere of life. They are excelling, almost in every sphere of life viz., Engineering, Medical Sciences, Entrepreneurship, Literary, Banking, Aeronautics, Navy and so on. They have become the pride of their parents and prestige for their Country. They have won Medals in every area of competition whether it is Olympics, Cricket, Tennis or any other skill and have brought laurels to the Nation. By landing on space, they created history and acclaimed the eminence across the globe.

In their honor and glory, I would like to enlist few names, whose contribution and dedication in their respective area has been predominant to become the Paragon in the World-

Indira Gandhi – The only female Prime Minister of India

Sarla Thakral – The first Indian woman to fly an Aircraft

Cornelia Sorabji – The first female advocate of India

Bachendri Pal – The first Indian woman who reached the summit of Mount Everest

Dr.Kiran Bedi – The first woman IPS of India

Kalpana Chawla – The first Indian woman to go to Space

Sivabhogam – The first woman Chartered Accountant of India

B.K. Sister Shivani – International Motivational Speaker and Spiritual Leader

Mary Kom – The first Indian Women Boxer who won Gold Medal in 2014 Asian Games

The World would never forget all those great women whose contribution has benefited and made the country proud of them.

The secret behind her success: In our society, a working woman judiciously justifies her role at home. She puts her heart and soul to perform household chores for her family despite of her outstanding degrees and a high paying job. Dealing with her abdominal cramps every month, she never postpone or reschedule any of her personal or professional commitments rather works more enthusiastically in achieving them. As a responsible mother, even if she is working, she would make sure to have a regular check on her children's studies, besides their tuition classes or any other guidance. To keep the social circle active, she would give her best to be in touch with her family and friends and would make her presence visible at all the social gatherings and functions. As a dutiful daughter-in-law, she would make sure to meet all the expectations of her in-laws by fulfilling their needs and demands on time. Also, as a loving and caring wife, she is able to fulfill the desires and wishes of her husband by managing her schedule accordingly. In the midst of her household chores and tiring work schedule, she better knows the importance of “Me Time” and hence invest her time accordingly in personal and spiritual developments.

To be a daughter, daughter-in-law, wife, mother and working woman all at the same time is not an easy job yet she make sure to handle all the given roles aptly, through her boundless patience and versatility trait. The family support and endearment is what keeps her going and gives her strength to confront all her personal and professional challenges in an alluring and sanguine way. Living both, professional and personal life well makes her life more delightful and meaningful and that is why we have Indra Nooyi, (Former Chairperson and CEO of PepsiCo)- successful and empowered women in the World.

Pain behind the veils: However, not every woman is fortunate enough to have supportive parents, loving husband and cooperative in-laws. There are women in our society who go through a biased and miserable life even before and after their marriages. It is a hard-hitting fact that so many women are getting humiliated, abused and physically tortured by their own parents, husbands, and society as well. Not only this, they are being exploited at their workplaces too. The height of atrocity was seen in the past few years when minor girls and even toddlers got mutilated and molested in many places in our country. We can't deny this painful fact that despite having so many empowered women in the world, there are women, who are being discriminated and harassed in every corner of life. Though they manage to drag their lives by stashing their tears and by hiding their pain deep inside their hearts yet their soul is crying for justice and liberation all throughout their lives. It is an irony that a man who is born and brought up by a woman and who worship girls during "Navratri" does such inhumane and unacceptable activities with womanhood? Because of such heartless men and their brutalities, many women lack their self-confidence, self-esteem and their talents and as a result of which they either get heinously killed or commit suicide.

An embodiment of power: On the contrary, many women dare to collect their broken pieces after having get completely shattered by devastating incidents against them. Because of some unfathomable force, they stand up for themselves and fight back for their dignity and self-esteem without paying heed to the so-called society's set norms. In their battle of righteousness and self-esteem, they not only confront but also conquer end number of battles against them through their boundless will power and strong determination. Such women are exceptional examples of "Women Empowerment". However, because of the intense fear, the taboo of society, lack of self-confidence, illiteracy, lack of awareness, the dearth of monetary support and suppression of families, many women choose to live as victims and witness violence all throughout their lives. Though to raise one's voice against injustice is challenging but not impossible. It needs both grit and patience to retrieve one's self-confidence and as a matter of fact, "God helps those who help themselves".

Ask yourself: Coming back to the subject, ask yourself and introspect on the following critical issues which not only needs our dire attention but a collective revolution -

  • Where are we lacking in women empowerment despite educating and providing them all the amenities and facilities of life?

  • Why is not women-hood safe in our society?

  • Why domestic violence and rape cases are on rise?

  • Why is divorce rate rapidly increasing?

  • Why is depression taking a toll?

  • Why girl child is not celebrated and is considered a burden on her family?

  • Why does the demon of dowry system still holding its roots in so called educated society

  • If both the partners are working then why only a wife is expected to do household chores and take care of children?

  • Why can't in-laws treat their daughter-in-laws the same way as they treat their own children?

  • Despite having so many empowered women in the world, why do we still exist in a male-dominated society?

Root cause: I think because of the rudimentary conditioning of the society, this patriarchal culture has spread its wings all over the world over a period of time.

Elementary solution: To bring a change in the society in terms of Women Empowerment rather empowerment of mankind, I think the only and an effective solution is to transform the mindset of people.

The dilemma of women empowerment can only be resolved by two key players in the world i.e. Parents and Teachers. The utmost role in shaping the personality of a person is the role of parenting. Mostly, parent's responsibility towards their children is praiseworthy yet they need to channelize their role well. They need to understand that both, girls and boys, are human beings. The emotions and feelings of a girl child need to be valued and respected in the same way as boys do. Despite of the gender factor, parents need to give equal upbringing to their children. They must teach their children right from their childhood to respect and appreciate the opposite sex. Further, moral ethics and principles need to be explained by parents through the help of stories to ensure that the same gets deeply enrooted into their (children's) consciousness. However, it becomes significant to enlighten parents right before they enter into parenthood to enable them to become well aware of their parenting role. This process would ensure that each parent will play their role consciously and judicially.

Apart from Parenting, Schools can also take up the charge in changing the mindset of society by implementing effective human values in their education system and by emphasizing more on the Emotional Quotient. The knowledge of spirituality would also be helpful in shaping a healthy society. Both parents and schools, need to sow the seeds of spirituality into their own minds as-well-as in the minds of children by making "Spiritual Awareness" mandatory subject in schools. This will not only help children to learn spirituality, thoroughly yet it will also help teachers and parents to become well versed with its essence. Parents and teachers are said to be the "Nation Builders" and hence, it becomes important that both of them are well equipped with spiritual awareness to build a great contribution to the world. Until and unless the mindset of people, most importantly, parents and teachers will change nothing will change for the betterment of womanhood and society as a whole.

However, it is clearly understood that the past can't be changed yet we have the potential to change the future by building a strong and positive foundation for our upcoming generations. I believe that the true essence of education is to treat people with love, respect, compassion and true empowerment which means selflessly uplift, support, encourage and appreciate mankind.

Therefore, women empowerment is possible only if womanhood is being treated well and it would start from homes and schools. This is the only way that women will get empowered in real sense else it would remain a dream forever.

Conclusion: To summarize, women are not equal rather far better than men because they have the potential to give birth, nourish and nurture human-lives, especially men, who later brag about being powerful in the world. It is a well-known fact that men are successful because of the sacrifice of two women in their lives (mother and wife). In the same way, if women will get the support, love and care from their respective families, especially, the support of parents and husband then nothing can stop them to chase their dreams.

I sincerely appreciate your patience and I am thankful to you for sparing your precious time in reading my work. Please let me know your views in the comment box below. God bless you and your loved ones.

About the Author

Ms. Meenakshi Raina

She is a Financial and Administrative Professional, Passionate Writer, Blogger, Epigrammatist, Co-Author, Reviewer, Spiritual Practitioner, and a Budding Philanthropist.

She writes on different genre to bring a change in the world.

For more information, visit Meenakshi Raina on her facebook page @


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