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The sacrosanct of the success sorbet

By Jigna Tanna

Contributory Author for Spark Igniting Minds

Success: The word itself sends chills and thrills in our hearts and butterflies buzzing in our stomachs. Every creature existing on our planet wants to be successful, either for survival or for victory. Have we all ever noticed that a tiny creature like an ant also wants to be successful? We may have a fleeting thought in our minds that why does an ant want to be successful! Of course, an ant has to be successful to carry 7 times of its own weight which is its utmost priority for its basic survival. On the other side, when two huge creatures fighting say like an elephant show their strength for the same mate, shows us that they want to be successful for victory and ego. Now we have to decide what ball game of success do we fit into----SURVIVAL MODE OR VICTORY MODE or maybe both in the end.

There are times when we want to be successful for our own selves to satiate our own desires and there are times when we want to be successful for others, to leverage and exercise our power and social positions. There are situations when we are winners in our endeavors and are also judged and labeled that we are winners due to spark of luck or other comforts and edges we are lacquered with. And there are situations where when we fail miserably, we are labeled as wastrels who have not willingly pooled in enough resources like efforts, determination, focus, skills, and dedication.

In our human social circle, success is measured almost with a mental barometer. If you have a good lavish house, high-end cars, luxurious lifestyles, you are quoted and marked as a super successful human, no matter how unhappy you may be deep down within. And maybe if you are one of those who are striving hard on the roadmap to achievements, yet you are contented and happy in life, still you are considered a non-achiever and non-performer. Isn’t it a sad irony?

So, are our triumphs directly proportional to our materialistic achievements and our failures indirectly proportional to lower social status even if we are in an altruistic emotional state?

Also, there are no set rules that only a prosperous individual works hard and fortune favors the brave. Yes, we all agree that efforts, persistence, and perseverance payback is in a big way to be winners and the fear of failure and lack of risk and confidence sweeps aside an individual by the tide of time. But the most important fact and realization that an individual can think in their quest for accomplishments is there is no single set formula that defines the path to personal success. Each one of us has different goals, priorities, needs, and situations, which means we have to carve our own path to be a super achiever and as an add-on use our inherent strengths and learn to discard our weaknesses. To be a super-achiever it is important to recognize our own weaknesses instead of overlooking them and strike a perfect meaningful balance between our survival instincts to our victory logs.

We cannot and should not measure our achievements in the views set by others. Rather we should understand what goals have we set and are striving for in life and prioritize and act on it. In fact, we should see our victories as a never-ending journey and not consider it as our final destination. Our achievements in our thoughts should not be considered accidental or a diamond crusted highway towards beautiful comforts of life but rather it should be a mirror reflection to find satisfaction and fulfillment in life. Moreover, we should not consider success as an ‘outcome’ but develop it as a ‘process’ and turn it like a sacrosanct holy grail by implementing successful habits like a daily chore.

Our achievements and accomplishments are like driving a vehicle where the determination is the engine, perseverance is the brakes, failures are like mental roadblocks and goals are like our direction maps. Now it is on us to decide how we are going to maneuver our vehicle and enjoy our beautiful journey by overcoming all the roadblocks and making the best use of our engine, brakes, and directional maps. Designing an awesome 5 step victory log on the lines of say being eclectic, effervescent, empirical, effortless, and energetic to leave no stone unturned in realizing our dreams, goals, and aims and understanding and overcoming all complexities we face in life should be our utmost priority.

Eventually, the cutting edge we can give our mindsets to stay focused, committed, and dedicated to reaching our accomplishments and simultaneously making our life journey fun, should be the call of time. Every human now needs to drop the emotional baggage of fears, doubts, and unclarity as it may be that someone is immensely happy in a small cozy home and someone is deeply unhappy even in a huge mansion, who wouldn’t like to have a lasting taste of their own prosperity sorbet. Who wouldn’t want a simple 5 step E formula to walk on a gold crusted path to success? Are you the lucky chosen one stepping towards the happy journey of triumphs?

So the ultimate choice is ours that how and at what cost are we going to be victorious!

Featured Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

About the Author

Jigna Tanna is an author, a performance strategist, and a change catalyst. She is a construction entrepreneur, Tedx Speaker, and one of the most sought after celebrity performance strategists. She is a powerful influencer and her success mantra is: "Life is not about discovering yourself, it is about creating yourself."

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